The Mazarron Coastline

Mazarron is situated on the south-east coast of Spain, in the region of Murcia. With average temperatures of 20 degrees, over 300 days of sun per year,a coastline stretching 35 km and still retaining it's traditional and rustic charm. It is clear to see why Mazarron is such a popular holiday destination for ex-pats and spaniards alike.

There are over 30 beaches ready to explore and enjoy, many of which are of Blue Flag standard and there truly is a beach for everyone. Urban beaches, rural beaches, sandy beaches, stony beaches, water sports and the Ayuntamiento de Mazarron- Town Hall - have even dedicated 3 beaches to be dog friendly all year round.

Here is our very own Mazarron Beach Guide, giving you all the necessary information on all the beaches along the coastline, including facilities, type of beach, location and photos and any other vital information!!!

Playa del Rihuete

Mazarron Coastline - Google Maps