Romeria de Bolnuevo

The Romeria of Bolnuevo is one of the most impressive fiestas that take place in Mazarron. The actual day of the fiesta is the 17th of November, but the festivities and celebrations start the Sunday before the 17th and finish the following Sunday.

La Virgen is adorned by rose petals - photo Ayuntiamento de?Mazarron

The Romeria or the Fiestas de la Virgen del Milagro date back the 16th century when the Berber Pirates from Northern Africa, were notorious for attacking the Murcian coastline, this is why there are many watch towers lining the coastline. The tower in Bolnuevo was constructed in 1577.

La Torre de los Caballos - Bolnuevo

During the early hours of the morning of the 17th of November,1585, pirates moored their ships off the coast of Bolnuevo to attack Mazarron but they didn't even set foot on the beach. They had disappeared in a panic, as if something or someone had scared them away.

The people of Mazarron said that something strange was happening in the church. The oil lamps were without?oil yet?burnt?brightly and the statue of the image of the Virgin Mary was soaking wet and had traces of sand and seaweed and her head was turned towards the sea.They then?hurried to the beach, where they found what looked like to be the remains of an altercation. Several witnesses had claimed that there was a young girl dressed in white on the beach, whose presence alone had scared the pirates away.

The miracle was attributed to the Virgin Mary or La Purisima, as she is known here in Mazarron and since this day she is the patron of the town.

Later the same day accounts of the miracle was recorded and signed by the Mayor, the scribe and 9 witnesses.

The first Romeria procession took place in 1947 and continues until this day.

The Sunday before the 17th of November the Virgen del Milagro is taken from the church in Bolnuevo on a special throne adorned with flowers and items associated to the sea, honouring Mazarron's maritime history to the church of La Purisima in Mazarron. She is carried on the shoulders of pedianias and accompanied with lots of music and signing, hundreds of people known as romeros as well as?horses and carriages.

Horses, ponies and carts also follow La Virgen.

La subida de La Virgen de Bolnuevo to Mazarron

The following Sunday after a dawn Mass in her hounour, the Virgin is taken back to her church in Bolnuevo. Again she is accompanied with even more music, signing and romeros.

La Romeria de la Virgen del Milagro - 22nd November 2015

The Virgin makes 2 traditional stops, the first in Las Moreras and the second in the fish processing factory, which is named in her honour. Its is at this point that everyone stops and shares a late breakfast before the Virgin reaches Bolnuevo.

The Virgin at the fish processing factory

After another Mass on the beach, the Virgin is returned to the chapel where she will remain until next November. Then romeros head off to the beach to continue the celebrations with a traditional meal of locally caught sardines and tomatoes - moraga de sardinas and the customary fun fair.

All the fun at the fair!

Sardines cooked on open fires to be enjoyed by all romeros.?

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