Playa del Rihuete

Playa del Riuhete is long and sandy beach situated in the Puerto de Mazarron and joins to Playa de Puerto. With its shallow, clear Blue Flag waters and covering a distance of over 600m, it is a very popular beach for families and holiday makers as there are so many facilities close to?hand.

Playa del Rihuete

Running parallel to the beach is the palm lined paseo,which continues to the Playa del Puerto and there are many cafes, restaurants and small shops along the way too. There are also naturally shaded places to sit and just enjoy the wonderful?view.

During the summer months, Playa del Rihuete is very busy and parking can be difficult. There are parking spaces, but these do fill up really quickly and can be occupiedby people staying in the over-looking apartments.

Also during the summer there are lifeguards stationed on the beach, as well as a beach bar and in recent years pedalo hire has been availble.

Pedalos - 2013

There are access ramps to the beach, as well as wooden runways on the beach.

Playa del Rihuete is also home to the famous Mariquita?-?Ladybird?Park and there is also separate free to use fitness area.

Other beach facilities include:

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